GEO, EOS, Dueba lens on Sales !

To my beloved customers,

For your information, we are still actively taking in orders for GEO & EOS lens ^^ BUT,we accept only WHOLESALES more retail selling...and there will be no updates of catalog or lens pictures in this blog...any enquiries please email us at for any inconvenience caused...Thank you! 
(Updated: 23/10/11)

Our store brings in 2 different brands of fashion lens from KOREA namely 
(both above available for pre-order and limited ready stock)

*There are new lenses for both GEO & EOS ^^ *
Please email us at for catalogues

( Note: Please click on the lens image to enlarge for better view)

Simply send an email to   
By stating the following details:-
Item code:
Power(For Lens only): Example, 0/0 or 400/500
Delivery method: hand-to-hand/Pos laju
  *If hand2hand, please state your preferred location
Recipient Name:
Full Address:
Contact no:


Postage rates - EMS (Pos laju):
RM8 for 1-10 pairs / RM10 for above 10pairs - Peninsular Malaysia
RM10 for 1-10 pairs /RM15 for above 10pairs - East Malaysia

International shipping - Please email me via for more information =)


**Free colourful lens case for each lens purchase**

(Available with pre-order & ready stock)
Retail price: RM2/each
Wholesales for above 50: RM1/each

NEW Hello Kitty Lens Case Kit
*welcome wholesalers ^^

(Available with pre-order & ready stock)
Retail price:RM10/each
Bausch &Lomb lens (only these available)
Product information:-
Power: -3.00
Brand: Bausch & Lomb
Type: Daily disposable soft contact lens
Available number of lens: 10pairs
Exp date: 07-2014
Lens status: Brand new
Selling reason: Power is not suitable for owner anymore
Price: RM35.00 (exclude postage)



Batch 9 list (OPEN)
*Will take a longer period of time..estimates 1 month..sorry for such long wait as the factory has overwhelming the lens are really nice...they are worth of waiting ^^

Kindly settle your payment latest on Saturday, 30/04/2011, otherwise orders will be canceled.
Order list will not be listed.
All customers will be updated through email on confirmed orders and lens status.

TQ ^^

EOS lens details 
Water content: 42%
Base curve radius: 8.4-8.6mm
Power range: 0-500(25 steps) & 500-1000(50steps)
Oxygen Permeability: 16DK

Prices list :-
For purchase of
1-5 pairs (exclude postage): RM28/pair

6-9 pairs (exclude postage): RM27/pair
Above 10 pairs (exclude postage): RM26/pair

**Prices apply only within Malaysia and Singapore  
**International shoppers please contact me via for international price list   
**Accept only Moneygram/Western Union/Paypal for International shopper      

New products:-

( Note: Please click on the lens image to enlarge for better view)

Model wearing G207 14.5mm

Models wearing G208 14.5mm


Tear series: 

G201 lens/Pure series:

 G204 lens/Funky series:

G205/Candy magic series:

Flower lens:

 V201 lens:
*only plano degree EXCEPT brown and gray 
 E202/Love series & E203/Adult series:



Prices list :-
For purchase of 1-9 pairs (exclude postage):-
1 tone = RM22/pair
2 tone/Tear lens = RM26/pair
3 tone = RM28/pair
Special lens = RM35/pair
Toric lens = RM138/pair  
For purchase of ABOVE 10pairs (exclude postage):-
1 tone = RM21/pair
2 tone/Tear lens = RM23/pair
3 tone = RM26/pair
Special lens = RM32/pair
Toric lens = RM135/pair
**Prices apply only within Malaysia and Singapore
**International shoppers please contact me via for international price list
**Accept only Moneygram/Western Union/Paypal for International shoppers   

Batch 26 list (OPEN)
Until 30/04/2011
Reach within 10 days
Kindly settle your payment latest on, Monday, 2/05/2011, otherwise orders will be canceled.

Order list will not be listed.
All customers will be updated through email on confirmed orders and lens status.

TQ ^^

GEO Lens Details

Diameter : 14.0mm/14.5mm      
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Center Thickness : 0.04mm      
Water Content : 42%      
Lens' Life : 1 Year  
Power : 0-500 (25 step) / 500-1000 (50 step)    

Important Info:  
**Lens lifespan: 1 year    
It last one year from the day you break the seal.      

Degree available for GEO contact lens are :  
-0.00, -0.50, -0.75, -1.00, -1.25, -1.50, -1.75,  
-2.00, -2.25, -2.50, -2.75, -3.00, -3.25,-3.50,-3.75,  
-4.00, -4.25, -4.50, -4.75, -5.00, -5.25,-5.50, 
-6.00, -6.50,-7.00, -7.50, 
-8.00, -8.50,-9.00, -9.50,-10.00  

** Lens mentioned below only available for plano degree (-0.00,-0.00) :  
# CH-621 Nudy Purple    
# CH-623 Nudy Green    
# CH-932 Nudy Blue (lighter blue)
# CM721-CM725 (2 tone- Magic colour series)    
# YH301-306 (3 tone-Twin series)    


Diameter of 14.7mm
RM26/pair Wholesales RM23/pair Available for -0.00 to -6.50..Other powers will be produced soon

1 tone lens:

2 tone lens:
GEO CTS series  

CTS 105 CTS 102 (-0.00 only) CTS 101 (-0.00 only)
GEO Fresh Colour series
GEO Nudy Series CH932 only available for plano degree (-0.00,-0.00)
CH621 only available for plano degree (-0.00,-0.00) CH623 only available for plano degree (-0.00,-0.00)
GEO Angel Series

GEO Magic Colour Series  
only available for plano degree (-0.00,-0.00)

3 tone lens:
GEO 3 tone Series – Magic colour
GEO 3 tone Series- Twins only available for plano degree (-0.00,-0.00)

Special lens:

Toric lens:
To correct astigmatism.
(without colour,RX 1= RM120/pair; RM100/pair for purchase 2pairs above)
Tear lens: Crazy & Animation lens:  

*plano degree (-0.00) available only


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